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What Our Fair Oaks Patients Say About Arthritis, Joint, and Muscle Pain Management

Are you looking for an alternative to painkillers to address your discomfort? With Celluma Light Therapy, you can experience warm and effective pain relief that doesn’t have any associated side effects. Learn more about how Celluma can help you put pain in your past—naturally.

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Living with Less Pain

In the eight months that I’ve been using the Celluma my life has become more enjoyable. My combat injuries, pain, discomforts and surgeries that I’ve been dealing with over the years have become more manageable. I’ve also been able to postpone additional surgeries, because along with other treatments, the Celluma has stimulated a comfortable healing process that has assisted me to live a more painless life. Thank you again for introducing me to the Celluma Pad. Strength and Honor.

- S. Sgt. Jim Gularte, Vietnam Sniper, USMC (retired).

Love Celluma!

I love my Celluma! I ordered my LED therapy panel after a severe injury left me bed-ridden for months. I’ve noticed an increase in my progress and pain management since using it. I’ve been using it on my face as well. It always puts me in the deepest, calmest trance.

– Jessie Ennis, Actor (Veep) & Director, Los Angeles, CA.

Making a Difference

I had the chance to do a trial with the Celluma, and it worked so well for us, I am buying two–one for home, and one for my daughter with severe acne who goes to school out of state (she was home during our trial period, so we tried it on her). My husband used it on a sore knee and insists it feels better; he also used it on some scars on his arm along with CherlyLee MD TrueLipids Cream (chronic ones that just recently began healing up, not old ones he had had since he was little), and the scars have gotten much better. Not sure if it was the lights or the TrueLipids, but the scars do look better. My mom also tried the Celluma on her hands and shoulders for very bad arthritis and she feels like it really made a difference. My daughter has been on oral medication for severe, scarring acne for a good ten years, and finally decided she didn’t want to keep putting that in to her body. She was only able to try the Celluma a couple of times, but when she did, her face was noticeably better the next day. I really think that if she uses it regularly, it will make a huge difference for her, and it will be easier than getting her to the derm every other week for treatment. I am excited to get these and start using them and see what they can do.

- Mickey J, UT.

Work Amazing

I love the Cellumas! They work so amazing!

- Dr. Jennifer Meng, D.C. Grafton, OH

Significant Improvement

Case History 1 (Dr. Meng) A 48 year old female had hip dysplasia at birth.  Her shoulders were also slightly malformed.  At 48 she experienced the right shoulder freezing up with almost no motion.  This was the second time she experienced this with the right shoulder.  She saw multiple caregivers, MDs, DCs, PTs, Massotherapists, etc without any relief.  She was totally restricted in ADLs and the pain was so severe that her sleep was disrupted several times a night.  After using the Celluma for one week, her PT said that he was able to get increased ROM for the first time. After 2 weeks, the pain was greatly diminished and no longer interrupted her sleep.  She continued to improve and it has now been almost 5 months and she has almost full ROM and no pain.  She uses the Celluma on it now only occasionally. Case History 2 (Dr. Meng) A 19 Year old female was injured in a farming accident.  A disc pulled by a tractor ran over her foot while she was on an ATV.  She had Crocs on her feet.  The bottom of her foot was torn up by the saw toothed edge of the foot rests.  There was also a deep cut on the top.  X-Rays were negative for a fracture. The foot was dressed with Lavender essential oil and a Spenco burn dressing.  1-2 times a day the Celluma was used.  After only 5 days the young woman could walk barefoot on the foot and the second picture shows it 2 weeks after the injury. The cut on the top of the foot was deep.  There was so much swelling initially that she could not bend the ankle or the foot.  There was also a lot of bruising on the top of the foot.  The bruising all cleared up within 48 hours using the Celluma.  The edema also diminished significantly, although it was a little slower as she was up and using the foot so soon.

- Dr. Jennifer Meng, D.C. Grafton, OH.

Mind at Ease

In 2006, I was combat wounded with over 100 pieces of shrapnel all over my body. Today I deal with soft tissue, bone, and neurological related pain and discomfort all of the time. As a Navy Corpsman I understand, and have seen the results of, long-term medical drug use and I personally go out of my way to avoid taking any myself. I have used the Celluma now for about 8 months, and I Iike that it can be used as needed, with results that are equal to, or better, than taking a pain management drug. The Celluma also manages breakouts similar to acne, which develop on the back of my neck. With one use, it is often 50-90% better by the next day. The Celluma puts my mind at ease (with regard to pain management and acne breakouts) that I am not going to have to take a pill or use ointments for the rest of my life.

- Aaron Q Seibert HMC (FMF/AW) USN (ret). (Purple Heart 2006) Wounded Warrior Liaison.

Give it a 10!

I’d like to tell you about this product that I have been testing out, it’s called Celluma, from BioPhotas, Inc. I am not a Doctor and this is not a sales ad, just my experience and others who have told me about their experience with this device. Parker Jones (member of the Jones motocross racing family) while working with an end mill – tore his tendon and had nerve damage, Parker used this Celluma pad on his hand and reported ‘it’s crazy, but that it works!” It definitely worked and helped him recover. Dave Carlson (5 times world Mini Champion) had his palm ripped to the bone while using a grinder, in 4 weeks he was able to use his hand again while using Celluma pad every day for a ½ hour. His daughter had a C section while giving birth, she used the Celluma on her scar, she now has no scar. As for myself; my back has been killing me, I have been using the Celluma every night. Now I can get out of bed without pain in the morning and am able to get work done again. I also had some knee tissue damage, and since using the Celluma it’s now almost completely gone. Again this is my own experience and others that have shared their experiences with me, the best part is; it is 100% made in the USA. I LIKE IT. If the rate card has 10 score as the best, then I give it a 10!!

- Marty Tripes, San Diego, California.
(Mr. Tripes was a leading AMA motocross and Supercross rider of the 1970s and early 1980s. He is remembered for winning the Super Bowl of Motocross at the Los Angeles Coliseum in July 1972, just a few weeks after turning 16. That race was considered the first true stadium Supercross race in America. Tripes also won the first FIM 250cc United States Motocross Grand Prix at Unadilla, New York in 1978. He was described as one of the most naturally talented motocross riders in history. His win at the Super Bowl of Motocross against some of the best riders in the world when he was only 16 years old launched his career. He won a total of 11 National Championship races during his career. Tripes was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2001.)

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