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Man with elbow pain

Celluma Reviews

What Our Fair Oaks Patients Say About Arthritis, Joint, and Muscle Pain Management

Are you looking for an alternative to painkillers to address your discomfort? With Celluma Light Therapy, you can experience warm and effective pain relief that doesn’t have any associated side effects. Learn more about how Celluma can help you put pain in your past—naturally.

Living with Less Pain

In the eight months that I’ve been using the Celluma my life has become more enjoyable. My combat injuries, pain, discomforts and surgeries that I’ve been dealing with over the years have become more manageable. I’ve also been able to postpone additional surgeries, because along with other treatments, the Celluma has stimulated a comfortable healing process that has assisted me to live a more painless life. Thank you again for introducing me to the Celluma Pad. Strength and Honor.

- S. Sgt. Jim Gularte, Vietnam Sniper, USMC (retired).

Love Celluma!

I love my Celluma! I ordered my LED therapy panel after a severe injury left me bed-ridden for months. I’ve noticed an increase in my progress and pain management since using it. I’ve been using it on my face as well. It always puts me in the deepest, calmest trance.

– Jessie Ennis, Actor (Veep) & Director, Los Angeles, CA.

Making a Difference

I had the chance to do a trial with the Celluma, and it worked so well for us, I am buying two–one for home, and one for my daughter with severe acne who goes to school out of state (she was home during our trial period, so we tried it on her). My husband used it on a sore knee and insists it feels better; he also used it on some scars on his arm along with CherlyLee MD TrueLipids Cream (chronic ones that just recently began healing up, not old ones he had had since he was little), and the scars have gotten much better. Not sure if it was the lights or the TrueLipids, but the scars do look better. My mom also tried the Celluma on her hands and shoulders for very bad arthritis and she feels like it really made a difference. My daughter has been on oral medication for severe, scarring acne for a good ten years, and finally decided she didn’t want to keep putting that in to her body. She was only able to try the Celluma a couple of times, but when she did, her face was noticeably better the next day. I really think that if she uses it regularly, it will make a huge difference for her, and it will be easier than getting her to the derm every other week for treatment. I am excited to get these and start using them and see what they can do.

- Mickey J, UT.

Work Amazing

I love the Cellumas! They work so amazing!

- Dr. Jennifer Meng, D.C. Grafton, OH

Significant Improvement

Case History 1 (Dr. Meng) A 48 year old female had hip dysplasia at birth.  Her shoulders were also slightly malformed.  At 48 she experienced the right shoulder freezing up with almost no motion.  This was the second time she experienced this with the right shoulder.  She saw multiple caregivers, MDs, DCs, PTs, Massotherapists, etc without any relief.  She was totally restricted in ADLs and the pain was so severe that her sleep was disrupted several times a night.  After using the Celluma for one week, her PT said that he was able to get increased ROM for the first time. After 2 weeks, the pain was greatly diminished and no longer interrupted her sleep.  She continued to improve and it has now been almost 5 months and she has almost full ROM and no pain.  She uses the Celluma on it now only occasionally. Case History 2 (Dr. Meng) A 19 Year old female was injured in a farming accident.  A disc pulled by a tractor ran over her foot while she was on an ATV.  She had Crocs on her feet.  The bottom of her foot was torn up by the saw toothed edge of the foot rests.  There was also a deep cut on the top.  X-Rays were negative for a fracture. The foot was dressed with Lavender essential oil and a Spenco burn dressing.  1-2 times a day the Celluma was used.  After only 5 days the young woman could walk barefoot on the foot and the second picture shows it 2 weeks after the injury. The cut on the top of the foot was deep.  There was so much swelling initially that she could not bend the ankle or the foot.  There was also a lot of bruising on the top of the foot.  The bruising all cleared up within 48 hours using the Celluma.  The edema also diminished significantly, although it was a little slower as she was up and using the foot so soon.

- Dr. Jennifer Meng, D.C. Grafton, OH.

Mind at Ease

In 2006, I was combat wounded with over 100 pieces of shrapnel all over my body. Today I deal with soft tissue, bone, and neurological related pain and discomfort all of the time. As a Navy Corpsman I understand, and have seen the results of, long-term medical drug use and I personally go out of my way to avoid taking any myself. I have used the Celluma now for about 8 months, and I Iike that it can be used as needed, with results that are equal to, or better, than taking a pain management drug. The Celluma also manages breakouts similar to acne, which develop on the back of my neck. With one use, it is often 50-90% better by the next day. The Celluma puts my mind at ease (with regard to pain management and acne breakouts) that I am not going to have to take a pill or use ointments for the rest of my life.

- Aaron Q Seibert HMC (FMF/AW) USN (ret). (Purple Heart 2006) Wounded Warrior Liaison.

Give it a 10!

I’d like to tell you about this product that I have been testing out, it’s called Celluma, from BioPhotas, Inc. I am not a Doctor and this is not a sales ad, just my experience and others who have told me about their experience with this device. Parker Jones (member of the Jones motocross racing family) while working with an end mill – tore his tendon and had nerve damage, Parker used this Celluma pad on his hand and reported ‘it’s crazy, but that it works!” It definitely worked and helped him recover. Dave Carlson (5 times world Mini Champion) had his palm ripped to the bone while using a grinder, in 4 weeks he was able to use his hand again while using Celluma pad every day for a ½ hour. His daughter had a C section while giving birth, she used the Celluma on her scar, she now has no scar. As for myself; my back has been killing me, I have been using the Celluma every night. Now I can get out of bed without pain in the morning and am able to get work done again. I also had some knee tissue damage, and since using the Celluma it’s now almost completely gone. Again this is my own experience and others that have shared their experiences with me, the best part is; it is 100% made in the USA. I LIKE IT. If the rate card has 10 score as the best, then I give it a 10!!

- Marty Tripes, San Diego, California.
(Mr. Tripes was a leading AMA motocross and Supercross rider of the 1970s and early 1980s. He is remembered for winning the Super Bowl of Motocross at the Los Angeles Coliseum in July 1972, just a few weeks after turning 16. That race was considered the first true stadium Supercross race in America. Tripes also won the first FIM 250cc United States Motocross Grand Prix at Unadilla, New York in 1978. He was described as one of the most naturally talented motocross riders in history. His win at the Super Bowl of Motocross against some of the best riders in the world when he was only 16 years old launched his career. He won a total of 11 National Championship races during his career. Tripes was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2001.)

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Continue to Use

I have been in the Marine Corps, Military Police for 15 years, most of that time on the SWAT team or deployed. I have had chronic lower back pain that started from when I attended Jump School in 2001. Throughout my career Navy Medicine was tried to help me with pain but nothing has helped, until about a month ago, when Steven Lubich started letting me use the Celluma device that he owns. I have only used it for about a month and the results are amazing. After the first 30-minute session my lower back felt like it hasn’t in years. I noticed I wasn’t experiencing the tightness nor pain I always feel after exercising or performing my duties on my job. I highly recommend that Navy Medicine uses this device and especially with the wounded warriors. I will still continue to use the Celluma on a day to day basis.

- SSgt Corral, Nicholas S. 
2/3rd Plt Sgt
Law Enforcement Liaison 
Alpha Company
Wounded Warrior Battalion West

Pain Gone

My husband has used the Celluma for three days in a row on multiple body parts and he is happy to report that the unrelenting heel pain is decreasing. Happy Day!!! The left wrist gets used and abused quite a bit, but he has more hope now that his guitar playing days won’t be over and he will be able to continue to make art with his hands. Update: when my husband got out of bed this morning, his heel pain wasn’t there…for the first time in, well, we can’t remember how long…. with only 8 consecutive days of using the Celluma!! Thank you so very much!

- Dr Beth Kiser, Family Wellness Chiropractic Center, Lorain, OH.

Part of Daily Regimen

Twenty years of playing football (high school, college, and 12 years in the NFL) has taken a toll on my body. I have used a number of products to help relieve some of the pain I have in my neck and lower back over the years. I was initially skeptical about using the Celluma, but after using it the first time I could notice a big difference in my comfort. I have been using it consistently when I get up in the morning and before going to bed at night. It has become a part of my daily regimen.

- Art Still, former Kansas City Chiefs & Buffalo Bills NFL player.

  • SEC Player of the Year as a senior at Kentucky
  • Second overall player taken in the 1978 NFL draft (Houston Oilers running back Earl Campbell was the first)

  • Four-time Pro-Bowl selection, following the 1980 – 1982 and 1984 seasons

  • Chiefs most valuable player twice (in 1980 and 1984)
  • In 1988, traded to the Buffalo Bills where he played for two seasons

  • 12 year career he had 1128 tackles, 78.5 sacks, 12 fumbles recovers and 1 interception

  • Retired from the NFL in 1989 after playing 12 seasons – 10 with the KC Chiefs and 2 with the Buffalo Bills

  • Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame 1997

Forever Grateful

In the winter of 2008, I was in a horrible MRAP accident in Iraq, that is when my life started spiraling down a long painful road. I didn’t know it at the time, but came to find out that I had herniated my L4 and L5 discs, which caused me to have nerve damage in my spine. My knees are shot from the constant running I used to do, and all the training I had done and been through. At one point, I was slated to go to Marine Special Operations Battalion and do what I do best. But due to tearing my labrum in my shoulder during training for that position, I had to give it up. But with every door that closes a new one opens… I earned a job working with General Mills as a Personal Security Officer in Afghanistan for 13 months so I pushed out on that but was in pain day-in and day-out. But it wasn’t going to stop me from doing what I loved. When I returned in the beginning of 2011 my body was done. I tried to take time to get my body back but was sent off on Recruiting Duty. I did as I was told, and while on Recruiting Duty I tried to get my body back in-shape but just couldn’t make it happen. After four years of unsuccessful treatment, I was sent to the Wounded Warrior Battalion to heal up and hopefully get back in the fight. Unfortunately, after numerous procedures and operations I was unable to get back to fighting mode and was retired from the Corps on Jan 30, 2014. On Jan 10, I was afforded the opportunity to use the Celluma device and have never looked back! I can honestly say that due to that AWESOME piece of gear I have made a tremendous turn around in my life. Since using the device 30 mins-a-day every day, I have been able to go to work full-time selling cars and being on my feet for 12 hours a day. I could only honestly stand for about 45 minutes to an hour before I got the Celluma device. I have been able to play with my two year old son non-stop with no pain and be the dad I should be. I have started going back to the gym and have lost 12 pounds since being on the Celluma device. On top of all that, I have done the one thing that I haven’t been able to do in years – which is RUN. I am up to a mile and a half without stopping and it is all because of the Celluma device. I wish that the corps and navy medicine would have adopted this when it first came out so I could still be a Marines Marine. But things are for the better now and I am HAPPY. I hope that this gives an understanding as to how the Celluma has helped change my life. I will never give up on anything and the Celluma has given me the chance to do anything!!! THANK YOU BioPhotas, I am forever in your debt and if you ever need anything from me I will be there for you as you were for me.

- Sgt. Steven Lubich, Semper Fidelis, San Diego, CA. 

Your Fan

Hello! Well, I can guarantee you’ve never heard this one before…I purchased the Celluma for my rescue dogs. Specifically, Piglet, my 15 year old Chihuahua (I’ve had her 3 years), and my newest rescue from Hawaii, Honey, my little blond Chihuahua who was severely abused, and when her teeth were recently cleaned by my Texas vet, the vet discovered via x-rays that her horrible arthritic back was actually due to a broken, and never treated, spine. I use my Celluma on the dogs Every. Single. Day. I have 4 rescues, and 1 store bought.  All of the rescues were abused, and everybody LOVES their light treatment. All of the puppies are doing great with the Celluma! Also, after months of regular treatment, Honey is now walking so much better, and starting to run to chase squirrels, which are very exciting for her, as Hawaii does not have squirrels, and we are simply fascinated by them. Unfortunately, no treatments for anyone tonight. You see, this afternoon I walked into the bedroom and found Piglet laying on my bed, the brown outlet cord to plug the Celluma-in was firmly between her front paws, vigorously chewing and biting the end of it. I took it away instantly, but the damage was already done, and is severe. I don’t know how she didn’t get a shock, as I leave it plugged in, and then tucked under a pillow, and she had chewed through to bare wire. She has NEVER chewed cords before. I will say, however, that she is a very naughty little Piglet, and rules the house with all of her daily hijinks, and maybe the cord thing was to keep us on our toes. We are absolutely besotted with her, and walk around saying to each other, “I LOVE the Piglet! Don’t you love the Piglet soooooooo much, even though she chewed up the Celluma cord today?” and the other person will say, “Oh, yes, we have a fine Piglet! She is a most excellent Piglet, and I am crazy about her too, even though she chewed up the Celluma cord”. Piglet has two strollers, and a baby crib she sleeps in at night, and special foam pillows from Relax the Back store to sleep on, and fancy meals, an afternoon vegetable snack, and tons of toys and expensive baby blankets to nest in, and we are just so delighted with the dear little thing that even when she is naughty, we can’t bring ourselves to say anything to her, because she is such an adorable little Piglet, and we feel it is her prerogative to be naughty if she wants. But….she did chew up the brown cord today, and I must have a new one!! Can you please mail today? I understand that this is such an odd thing to have to request, but this is exactly what happened. Please, please send it right away, because I just hate for the babies to go a single day without their treatment. The Celluma panel has done more for them than their fancy dog food, supplements, and vet combined! It’s been a true game-changer. But I bet you hear that from everyone, don’t you? Anyway, thank you, in advance, for your help! I really do appreciate you!! Your friend and fan, Lexi

– Lexi, Plano, TX.

Scar Virtually Disappeared

I used the Celluma during my recovery from a total shoulder replacement.  After one year, I have recovered a greater than expected range of motion, AND, the surgery scar has virtually disappeared where the Celluma was directly applied.

– Jeff R, Huntington Beach, CA.

Immediate Results

My name is Jordan Watkins and I am a 17 year old student currently attending Laguna Beach High School. I play volleyball for the school and have practice every day during the week and sometimes even on the weekends. Although icing my joints and knees helps after practices, there is nothing better then what Celluma does. Celluma helps rid any pains I get in my knees or anywhere else after practices, games, tournaments, etc. Not only do I use Celluma for my joints, but also for my face. As a 17 year old boy who is constantly sweating from practice, I do get acne. Once I began to use Celluma every night on my face, I could see immediate results the next morning. The product has changed not only my appearance, but also my life.

– Jordan W, Laguna Beach, CA.

Pain Went Away

I am so impressed with the results from just two times I used Celluma. I used it the same day for 30mins each time back to back! I had been experiencing mild low back left side pain for weeks as a result of 2-4 hours of daily driving I do, but I am happy to say that it’s now been 5 days and the pain is gone! I tried other devices such as PEMF and Ionic Therapy the week prior to trying Celluma and the pain went away for a couple hours after the use of each device only to return later the same day… I am looking forward to continue to explore the benefits Celluma on my body. Thank you Celluma!

- Alfredo M, Dana Point, CA.


I badly sprained by right ankle on Wednesday. I stepped off a step wrong and hit the step below with the outside of my right foot and as I started to fall I heard a loud pop at my ankle. I did not hit the ground but my ankle sure did hurt. I could hardly bear weight on it. I sat on the step for a few minutes then went in the house. I used the Celluma on it about a 30 minutes later. Then I used it again right away. I slept for about 30 minutes, then used it again for another two cycles–2 hours total. The next morning I had no swelling or bruising. By the end of the day I could bear full weight on it. Yesterday and today are gradually improving and tomorrow I plan to pack up Christmas in a 17 foot U-Haul and take it all to storage with my 2 boys. Unbelievable!

– M. Allen DC, NMD, Orange County, CA.

Thrilled with Results

I have been involved in Masters Weight Lifting and have found the Celluma most helpful to shorten my recovery times between weight lifting sessions. During my work out 2 months ago, I blew my rotator cuff in the right shoulder, requiring a surgical repair. I continued my Celluma usage both before and after the surgery. I was instructed not to exercise for several weeks after the surgery and then start physical therapy. The results I experienced were truly amazing. You could tell by the doctor’s facial expression that he did not understand what was going on. Not usually what you want to see from your surgeon! It was the same with the physical therapist…I kept asking for more exercise and resistance – and they kept looking at me with a bewildered stare. While I am not back to my original strength levels yet, I am months ahead of what they thought was possible. After only six weeks I have full range of motion with no pain, and my strength is building daily. I am thrilled with the results and credit much of my accelerated recovery rate to my Celluma.

– Mike, Newport Beach, CA.

Dramatic Improvement

Here’s how the Celluma helped out “Brownie”, a female pit bull. “Brownie” has had 3 separate surgeries on her hind knees for torn muscles. After the third surgery, “Brownie” was healing much slower than the previous two surgeries and she had a lot of pain and stiffness in her knees. We started using the Celluma on her knees on all 3 settings every week. Even after just one treatment, we noticed a huge improvement in her mobility and she was not in as much pain. Her wounds and scars healed much quicker after using the Celluma using the “Anti-Aging” setting. She also had an infection in one of the surgery sites and when we used the Celluma on the “Acne” setting it helped to clear up the infection much quicker. Brownie was not as stiff after using the Celluma on the “Aches and Pains” setting. Using the Celluma on “Brownie” has made a dramatic improvement in her recovery after having multiple knee surgeries.

- Debra Olson-Warford, DC, Certified Animal Chiropractor, Lancaster, CA.

Experienced the Benefit

The Celluma has been a valuable addition to my practice. It’s simplicity of use requires minimal attention from my assistants and my patients can be in complete control of the process. We have all been impressed with how a variety of conditions respond favorably to treatment with the Celluma.  Several people have used it for pain control. Their first experience is the comfortable warmth that seems to penetrate to the core of their pain. A few other people have experienced benefit with their complexion. One 19 year old girl said she felt an immediate toning of her skin that was refreshing. And a 17 year old boy used it on his legs for a follicular dermatitis issue and it cleared up after a short time.

- Dr. Michael Allen, Functional Neurologist & Chiropractor, Health Builders, Laguna Hills, CA.

Swear By It

Since incorporating Celluma into my cosmetic surgery practice, my patients have enjoyed significant reduction in inflammation and bruising as a result of using the Celluma post operatively. Personally, I use it regularly, and swear by it, for pain relief for an old back injury.

– Dr. Jesse Mitchell, M.D., Board Certified Dermatologist, Diplomate, American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

Wonderful Healing

I fell on my right knee a year ago and it was BAD! I used the Celluma on it for 2 days and it was like new after that. My father was here and could NOT believe the difference in my knee, Celluma literally made the knee look 100% in 2 days and fully functioning in a week. Over the course of the next 4 months, I fell two more times on the same knee.  In the meantime, I gave my Celluma to my daughter to use on her acne.  My knee was so bad that I was forced to stop hiking (one of my falls was during a hike), playing golf, and working out.  My hip was being thrown out because of my knee, and I couldn’t wear heels.  I got my new Celluma in September and went right to work on my skin and my hand (Arthritis), but for some reason, didn’t think to put it on my knee.  I was complaining to my Dad and he made a comment about the Celluma not working this time…then I realized wasn’t using it on my knee and I should be! So, I used the Celluma every day for 3 straight weeks on my knee and I am amazed at the healing that has occurred.  I am back with my personal trainer, I am hiking AND, can now wear heels again!  All that in 3 weeks!  I thought I was doomed to wear flats forever! As a recipient of its wonderful healing, thank you for all you do to promote the Celluma!

- Shelley, Anaheim, CA.

Helped Me Sleep

Turns out I had an upper thoracic release, last week, that had a dramatic affect and I am 90% improved. The Celluma helped me with sleep time when nothing else would touch my exhausting shoulder and back pain from the inflammation in my spine and limb joints.

– David, Tustin, CA.

Loving It

I have used my Celluma twice each day since it arrived. I love using it on my feet as they are always a little sore.  I am sure it is arthritis. In addition, it is great on my face. The texture is improving already.

- Sally, Orange County, CA.

Decreased Recovery Time

I have been using the Celluma for three weeks on a regular basis, on both upper arms and shoulders. The results have been amazing. I compete in weight lifting, where I am constantly stressing the joints, tendons and muscles. I have been accepting the pain and soreness as just something I would have to accept. No more, since using the device the discomfort is much more manageable and shorter in duration. It seems that my recovery times have decreased at the same time. Thank you, I really appreciate your recommendation regarding Celluma.

– Mike, Newport Beach, CA.

Thrilled Beyond Words

I had major shoulder surgery in April and was not allowed any mobility for six weeks. I did however use the Celluma on a regular basis. I was allowed to start limited PT in early June (it has become my second home). I was finally allowed more aggressive PT in August. I had 8 session in Steamboat and when we left (August 25) my range of motion was 40 degrees. We took a two week driving trip when I did not have PT but used the Celluma almost daily. Upon returning to PT here in OC, my range of motion was 57 degrees! I did my exercises but I was doing them all along. The therapist here was truly impressed and the only thing I can really credit the extended range of motion during my PT hiatus is the light therapy! You better believe I am using it as often as possible! Thrilled beyond words! Thank you!!

- Heidi, NY.

Loving our Celluma

My wife reports that her knee is “so happy” while sitting under the Celluma. She was able to do “Pigeon Pose” in Yoga for the first time in months following 2 weeks of using the Celluma and I was able to sleep better last night after using it. We are loving our Celluma!

- Jeff, Orange County, CA.

Began Healing Process

I have recently begun to use Celluma on my knee which has given me problems on and off for years.  I immediately noticed a marked difference in my comfort level doing everyday things and working out.  I believe the use of Celluma has begun a healing process and has delivered remarkable pain reduction, increased range of motion and ability to perform weight bearing exercise.

– Patti, Orange County, California.

Full Range of Motion

I am an 89 year-old woman and suffer from chronic arthritis. I had the opportunity to try the Celluma by BioPhotas, and I was astounded by the relief I received! After one 30-minute session on my shoulder, I had full and pain-fee range of motion. I then tried a session on my very arthritic and painful hands. I awakened the next morning with full range of motion of all ten fingers, which was a first-time experience in many years.

– Meredith, Long Beach, CA.

Worked Extremely Well

I used the device last night on my knee that’s been bothering me for a couple of weeks and it really worked extremely well.  Took down the swelling and pain and my knee felt fine this morning–after only one use!

– Mike, Cowan Heights, CA.

Works Great!

I have been using my Celluma every day since I picked it up. I love it! It’s Perfect! I find the best way to use it on my lower Thoracic area is lying face down in my face cradle on my massage table. Today I used it on my lower back sitting in my chair working on the computer. Works great! My back is doing so much better.

– Sharon, Costa Mesa, CA.

Big Difference

I am having so good results with my Celluma. I have 3 gals using it every day and they are all seeing results for different issues. I am happy with the results for myself as well and even tho it is not FDA approved for cellulite, at least in my case, I am seeing fairly dramatic results. I use it 4-5 times a week and in 4 weeks time I can visually see a big difference. This is speaking volumes to all the ladies that have been watching me.

– Shelley, Anaheim, CA.

Completely Healed

Following bilateral facial surgery, I decided to use the Celluma on one side of my face only. My plastic surgeon suggested the right side as it was visibly more swollen and angry. Ten weeks post surgery, my right ear has healed much faster and is now completely healed. My left ear, without the use of Celluma, is still very bruised and swollen.

– P.E., Laguna Beach, CA.

Experienced Considerable Relief

While playing rugby for 25 years I experienced several injuries and developed painful herniations between C5, C6 and C7. In an effort to get comfortable, I routinely slept on the same side every night. As a result, I also developed bursitis in one shoulder. To relieve the depilating neck pain and 90% loss of strength in one arm I recently underwent discectomy and spinal fusion surgery. It was around this time I was introduced to the Celluma and began using it to relieve the pain and inflammation caused by the bursitis. It worked well, and I experienced considerable relief after using it for about 10 days. I also used it following my neck surgery to assist with tissue repair. At my 2 week post-surgery follow-up, the nurse who was removing the 20 stapled sutures exclaimed “This thing is completely healed! I’ve never seen this before!”

- Kevin, Senior Medical Device Executive, OC, CA.

Restful Sleep

I have often had trouble lying awake in the middle of the night with tense muscles in my low back and legs after exercise.  Now, I put our Celluma on my low back and quickly go to a restful sleep for the rest of the night.

- Dwight Frindt, Seattle, WA.

Effective Treatment

I used the device after playing hockey to remedy a sore hip. I had immediate relief of my soreness along with improved flexibility. I then used it on my lower back and found very similar results. Much to my surprise, the treatment was effective, easy and non-invasive.

- Dan, Orange County, CA.

I’m a Big Fan

The Celluma was a huge help when I really needed one. I recently had my wrist fused following 35+ years of chronic pain and I was not prepared for the amount of trauma involved in the procedure. I began using the Celluma and began feeling relief the next day. My doctor commented on how nicely the fusion was coming along and said that I must have exceptional blood supply to my wrist. While observing my x-ray during subsequent visits, he mentioned several times that this was the result they strive to achieve with this procedure. How much can is attributable to the Celluma use and how much to my doing absolutely nothing is hard to say, but I highly recommend the Celluma and am a big fan. I can also state that the five inch scar on my right wrist has healed nicer than any surgery I’ve ever had…and I’ve had a few.

– Steve Bauer, Motor Sports Journalist.

Pain is Gone

I have so enjoyed the Celluma! I started the using it the week I picked it up, June 19, 2013. I had begun a yoga program and found that my joints were very stiff and sore. My knees and elbows were most affected. On June 20th, I wrapped the light panel around my left knee. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest level of pain, my pain was at 8. I set it on Aches & Pains for 30 mins and it brought the pain level to a 3. June 21: Same treatment with a pain level of 5. After 30 mins the pain was at a 2. June 23: Same treatment with pain level of 3. After 30 mins the pain was at a 1, and by next morning – no pain at all. June 25: My right knee started to have pain from the increasing yoga moves. At the end of the day pain level was at a 6. A 30 min light treatment on the Aches & Pains setting was given and the pain went to a 3. June 28: Right knee pain was at a 4 and after 30 min treatment went down to a 1, and by the next day the pain was gone!!!! July 3: My right elbow was filling with fluid after class and was at a pain level of 5 and after a 30 min treatment it was down to a 1, and the fluid had drained ;-)  On June 30 my husband was having pain in both knees also following yoga workout. His left knee was at a pain level of 9. I set the Celluma on Aches & Pains for 30 mins and his pain level went down to a 4. On July 2 he had another Celluma treatment for his left knee which was at a pain level of 4 and moved down to a 1. And by morning it was gone!

- Mary, Laguna Beach, CA.


I am very impressed with the Celluma. A few weeks ago I drove from California to Rochester, NY to take a car to my daughter. By the time I finished, my right knee was in great pain and I could hardly walk. Unfortunately, I did not come straight back, and I lived on Advil and a heating pad for a few days, which did not do much. When I got back to LA, I tried the Celluma on my knee. After one treatment, it felt 80% better. I waited two days and then did another treatment and the pain is basically gone!

– Jim, Los Angeles, CA.

Great Product–I’m Grateful

I was struggling with a lot of major pain in both my neck and down my back. I had a back massage earlier, but after 24 hours it still hurt. I had no relief. I could not move or turn. My friend mentioned she had a similar problem and used her Celluma continuously 3 times in a row and it was solved. She said, you should try it tonight when you get home. I used it twice wrapping it around the back of my shoulder and neck. It was perfect, I had not one pain no matter how I turned. You have one great product there, I am so grateful. Thank you for my Celluma!

- Sally, New York, NY.


After taking multiple amounts of Advil for my shoulder pain, my son asked me why I wasn’t using Celluma. Duh….needless to say, I used it the entire weekend and I can now sit down and type without the pain I felt last week. I had used it only for my face until last Saturday. It really worked well. This morning I’m able to get total mobility back in my right arm and shoulder. Hooray!

– Emily, Laguna Beach, CA.

Amazing Results

I woke up this morning with excruciating lower back pain. The last couple of days, my back has been hurting, I wasn’t at home and didn’t have my Celluma with me, so when I got home late last night, I got in my massage chair to try to get it adjusted. It worked I guess, but overnight while I was sleeping, my back got really stiff and hurt to the point where I couldn’t hardly walk this morning. At lunch, I laid on my stomach with the Celluma in Aches & Pains mode across my lower back. After that, it loosened up quite a bit. Then I did it again while I was sitting upright in a chair, and my back is back to 90% of normal. Amazing results with the Aches & Pains program!

- Mike Abbey, Spa Owner, Broken Arrow, OK.

Allows Me to Sleep

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic who has lots of physical pain; fibromyalgia, severe arthritis in my hands and a degenerated right hip. I also cannot take NSAIDs due to a history of a bleeding ulcer. So many nights my leg pain makes it impossible to sleep. When I use the Celluma on my hip and right leg, it lessens the pain and allows me to fall asleep. Without the Celluma I wouldn’t be able to get the rest I need and perform I work I do.

- N. Rowan Richards. D.C., Monrovia, CA. 

This is the best beauty and therapy product I have ever experienced. My Celluma is 3 years old and I use it four times a week for beauty, aches, back problems and pain relief

- Sally P, NY, NY.

As an esthetician, I can’t say enough good things about my Celluma Pro. It works wonders for acne and aging issues; more importantly, as a disabled vet, it keeps me, my active duty husband, and even our basset hound, Roscoe, in the game. I have MS. I have issues with inflammation and muscle spasticity. I am allergic to NSAIDs, as well as steroids, so my options for reducing my inflammation and pain are very limited. Celluma is my Godsend. When I can’t get relief, Celluma is there to save the day. My husband has degenerative disc disease. He uses his panel on a daily basis to get relief from pain because he hates the way drugs make him feel. Our pup Roscoe has spondylosis in his back. When he starts limping around, I grab the light for him. He lays down and takes a little nap while the panel does its work. I’m my opinion, Celluma belongs in every treatment room and in every home. I am so thankful for our panels. They have improved our quality of life in indescribable ways. Thank you!

- Cari Calkins L.E., Gloucester, VA.

More Efficient Chiropractor

Serving patients since 1986 I have utilized both low level light therapy and cold laser. Since purchasing a Celluma device I have found treating patients with light therapy more effective in that the area of treatment has increased without having to continually move the emitter probe during treatment. In other words, I have become a more efficient chiropractor.

– Michael Tereo D.C., Newark, CA.

New Appreciation

I recently hurt my knee, either a sprain or a tear (getting MRI on Tuesday) and I used Celluma last night on it. AMAZING!! I can’t believe how much it helped my knee. I have a whole new appreciation for this device.

- Sarah Lewan, Owner, THE HEALTHY SKIN CENTER, Brecksville, OH.


I bought the Celluma and have been using it ever since. My patients are having amazing results. An example would be a patient with buttocks pain. After evaluating and determining that both the gluteals and hamstring muscles and fascia are quite restricted, to save time I put the Celluma over the gluteal muscles/fascia while I manually release the hamstrings using Fascia Manipulation. It is a win-win for both the patient and me as there is less discomfort and we accomplish releasing more areas in a one hour treatment.

- Victoria Mcgowan, M.T., TX.

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