LeMay Chiropractic & Wellness FAQ’s

The wellness team at LeMay Chiropractic & Wellness want to be sure all of your questions are answered. We have provided some answers to common questions below, but please feel free to call our Fair Oaks chiropractic office with any additional questions may have. Let us make a difference in your life!

How much does it cost for care?

It depends on the care the Doctor prescribes for you. Our fees are very affordable. We even have pre-paid plans that offer additional savings for your care.

Does being adjusted hurt? Is it safe?

Dr. LeMay’s main goal is to relieve pain, not cause it. Most of the time, patients feel relief after being adjusted, since the doctor is removing the interference that’s causing the pain. Adjustments are extremely safe. Just look at malpractice insurance costs, and you’ll see that chiropractors’ premiums are a small fraction of medical doctors’. Adjustments are actually safer than taking aspirin!

Can children or someone’s who pregnant receive chiropractic care?

Absolutely! Everyone can benefit from a fully functioning nervous system. Because chiropractic is non-invasive and free from the harmful side effects of medications, it is very safe and often recommended that babies, children and pregnant women seek care. Each patient is treated according to their individual needs and concerns.

How long will it take for me to get better?

The severity of your condition, how long you’ve had it, your age and lifestyle, will determine the length of your recovery. Even under the best conditions and your willingness to take the recommended actions, complete healing can take months, sometimes years.

What are symptoms?

Your body’s main purpose is to maintain balance and optimal health. A symptom is a sensation or change in the body’s normal functioning, signaling that it is off balance. Body systems not functioning properly can often indicate underlying health challenges.

Can my symptoms actually be an advantage?

Yes! Symptoms give us valuable information as to what your body needs. The key to proper health is understanding and interpreting the signs and signals that are revealed.

Can you tell me what my blood work and other tests mean?

A separate visit can be made for going over these kinds of things. This will take approximately 15 minutes. The cost is $45.

What do I need to do to become a Patient?

We ask all new people to call our Fair Oaks chiropractic office to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. After that, there is some paperwork that needs to be completed and payment received before we can schedule you see the doctor.

Do you take my insurance?

As of 1-1-16, we are NO LONGER contracted directly with insurance companies. Higher and higher deductibles and copays for patients interfered with our patients getting the care they needed. We still file Primary Medicare claims, but need to collect payment first. Medicare reimbursement to patient takes approximately 3 weeks. For other insurance patients, we can provide a “super receipt” which you can, if your insurance company allows you to, submit for reimbursement. Check with your company first. That is why we created special payment options for those patients. Many times, it’s cheaper to use one of our wellness plans than your policy.

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