Why Detox?

Dr. Mark Shares 5 Reasons Why


1. Purification of the organs from natural toxins.
2. Counteract the challenges of environmental toxins.
3. Weight management.
4. Learn lifestyle changes that can be implemented.


What to Expect with Detox

  • Increased energy
  • Better digestion
  • Less bloating
  • Clearer skin
  • Shinier hair
  • Healthier nails
  • Weight reduction
  • Removal of food additives
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved elimination
  • Lessening of PMS or digestive problems
  • Some will experience increased frequency and quantity of urination
  • Some notice increase in bowel movements
  • Some will experience aches or fatigue as they release toxins
  • Removal of food additives

Call LeMay Chiropractic & Wellness to see how you can participate in a detox program.

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