21 Day Detox Program

Natural Weight Management Purification Program

Join us and other patients on a 21-day journey, and see where it takes you!

A 21-Day program specifically designed to slowly, safely and effectively detoxify your gastro-intestinal system, liver, kidneys, and gallbladder.


A modified diet (depends on each individuals needs) consisting of only whole foods (no processed foods/artificial sweeteners), fiber supplementation, and cleansing supplements.

Detoxification of your organs and most patients lose an average of 10-15 pounds during the program.

NO! There is no fasting and you should never feel hungry while on the program.

All of your supplements, shakes, FREE COOK BOOK, Pill tray, 4 group meetings, group counseling, doctor quick text checks, and daily support emails.

$350 per person. Call for special discounts.

Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. Check the Classes and Workshops page for dates.

Yes! We can send you your products and you will get regular check-in calls/texts from Dr. LeMay.

How Do I Sign Up?

Call us at (916) 965-8171 to register and order your program today.

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