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Success Stories

What others say about Fair Oaks chiropractic care, Pilates/rehab training and nutritional response testing can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of LeMay Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or call our Fair Oaks chiropractic office if you have any questions.

Healthfully yours,
Dr. Mark LeMay

  • Dr. LeMay was Amazing, very knowledgeable, Friendly, and courteous, our overall experience was way above our expectations. Thank you Dr. LeMay and of course and most definitely Michelle for all your help.

    -Marco I.
  • I was in pain for about 3 months and could not find relief doing all types of different things until finally it became to much. I came in to Lemay chiropractic with serious back and sciatic pain going down my right leg. After the second session a was feeling a lot better and after following all the recommendations and attending my appointments I am happy to share that I am completely pain free. My experience was awesome because everything was explained in detail so I can understand what was going on with my back. I recommend anyone with any back or neck related discomfort/pain to go see Lemay chiropractic its not worth waiting when it can be treated without medication and pills as was the case for me.


    -Jose D.
  • Thanks to a work colleague, I heard of Dr. LeMay. I was having trouble swinging my legs out of bed in the morning. Dr. LeMay taught me skills that I’ve shared with my work colleagues. The rehab and the weight management class made such a difference for me. I travel a lot and I can do all the easy exercises that help me move better, right from my hotel room. What a difference it makes when you are traveling on the road. He encouraged a lifestyle change. What would I say to encourage others? Do the rehab program – it is amazing. Now I have a bounce to my step!

    -Kate M., Marketing Director, Sacramento, CA
  • Dr. Mark LeMay is an awesome, very knowledgeable, caring, helpful, patient, good listener, and friendly chiropractor/nutritionist. I am glad that my previous chiropractor, Dr. Matt Huey recommended me to see you. Michelle is a wonderful caring and helpful assistant.


    -Jeanne G.
  • My brother recommended Dr. LeMay and I’m so happy I came to him! I feel so much better and have learned a lot about the correct way to sleep, sit, stand. Also, Pilates instructions to help strengthen my back muscles. And adjustments are fewer & fewer as my body is healing itself.

    -Kathy E.
  • LeMay Chiropractic provides excellent service, care and products!!! I highly recommend them to everyone!!


    -Agnes V.
  • Wow… I too have seen many chiropractors. Many of whom, I truly liked. But I have never seen a team like this. I had the most thorough initial exam I have ever had. This team treats the person, not just the problem. I have never left a Dr’s office and been so excited about going back and taking the next steps to a healthier future. Go team!

    -Jane M., Endermologist, Carmichael, CA
  • Michelle is the first person you meet at this outstanding office, and you start feeling better just standing at the reception desk with her: her demeanor, warmth, and understanding are great. Once you’re in the room, Dr. Lemay’s expertise and ability to hear what the patient has to say is outstanding. He KNOWS chiropractic and health, and he bestows the benefits of both.

    -Laina D.
  • I was nervous about the idea of getting “adjusted”, but was also tired of the neck pain I had been experiencing. The LeMay’s made me feel comfortable and confident with the process and I’m thrilled to have them as part of my health and wellness team!

    -Elisabeth R.
  • I’ve been to several chiropractors over the years and I can say that my experience with Dr. Lemay has been by far the best. He has shown me why I have certain neck issues by evaluating my X-rays in a way that no other chiropractor has done and is adjusting (and improving) my condition. He has actually given me hope that my arthritic spur will go away with a combination of his adjustments and me doing my exercises. I am so thankful that I found him.

    -Winifred A.
  • I saw Dr LeMay last October for unintended weight loss and abdominal pain. I had no energy and lacked stamina. After five months under Dr. LeMay’s care, I am back to the weight I would like to be and I have more energy and stamina. My abdominal pain is gone. Thank you Dr. LeMay for
    your understanding care.


    -Ron M.
  • Appreciated that you recognized I was in a great deal of pain and discomfort and were able to see me with short notice.

    -Ronda B.
  • I was sitting in Dr. LeMay’s office one day for my chiropractic appointment, and saw a video about the Nutrition Response Testing. It was interesting, so I scheduled an appointment to be evaluated. I have been doing my clinical nutrition program for several months and all my symptoms have reduced substantially. I am able to cut my prescription medication to treat my chronic illness by half! This program has improved my overall health and reversed a condition which was getting worse…it now seems to be getting better!

    - Susan C., Investigative Analyst, Loomis, CA

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