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Upcoming Events: Dine with Doc!

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Better than Before in 20-24!!

It's time to hit the RESET button on your body!

With the 21-Day Purification Program.

And it starts with Dinner!

On 12-12-23 from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm we wine and dine you - oops, sorry, no wine on the program! - while you get to learn more about the 21-Day Purification Program.

Cost for the 5-dish menu is $30/person or $50/couple.

Must be paid ahead of time.  Only 12 spots available.

There are lots of special bonuses you get with every kit you purchase: you get a FREE Dry Erase magnetic MENU PLANNER, Blender bottle, extra "detox" supplement, and 2 Free iTeraCare sessions!  Added bonus value is $285.

Next Group starts in January 2024 - but you can start any time on your own.

Why would someone want to do a detox/purification program?  What THIS VIDEO to learn more.  Watch THIS VIDEO to get a sneak peak on how it's done.

Click HERE to watch testimonials.

Then call our office at 916-965-8171 to register.

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