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Celluma Reviews

What Our Fair Oaks Patients Say About Wrinkles and Anti-aging Treatment

While you can’t turn back the clock, you can put forward a freshly rejuvenated, younger-looking face with Celluma Light Therapy. Best of all, Celluma is natural and non-invasive. No scalpel or knife required!

Discover how you can start enjoying a more youthful appearance in just one session.

Effective for Anti-Aging

My aesthetic practice has found the Celluma panel very effective for anti-aging. We have incorporated the light therapy as part of our multi-modality care as pre and post treatment for facial rejuvenation surgery and in conjunction with our overall skin care management.

- Samuel Shatkin Jr., MD FACS Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Aesthetic Associate Centre Plastic Surgery & Advanced Medical Skincare. NY.

Seeing Excellent Results

I have a clinical aesthetics practice, “Pampered Skin Studio”, in Tucson, AZ, within a physician’s office. The Celluma has been a great addition to my aesthetics repertoire and is the star ingredient of my “Anti-Aging Signature Facial”. I also encourage a series of six LED treatments for those clients who really want to see the long term benefits of LED. My acne clients are also seeing excellent results.

- Suzanne Pear, RN PhD CIC LE COE (registered nurse-aesthetician specializing in corrective skin care).

Results are Remarkable

I was a bit hesitant at investing in a Celluma, but I shouldn’t have hesitated; I couldn’t be happier. The results are fast and remarkable. My clients love it. I love it. On another note, the customer service is beyond amazing. They are quick to respond to questions and inquiries and beyond friendly! Thanks for transforming my business!

- Jenny Zarate Licensed Esthetician, Montara, CA.

Love my Celluma

I love my Celluma! I ordered my LED therapy panel after a severe injury left me bed-ridden for months. I’ve noticed an increase in my progress and pain management since using it. I’ve been using it on my face as well. It always puts me in the deepest, calmest trance.

– Jessie Ennis, Actor (Veep) & Director, Los Angeles, CA.

Fantastic Results

I’ve been utilizing LED for years but the Celluma panel has made the treatment oh so much easier. You do need to have LED very close to tissue which is why the Celluma is a lifesaver. Love, love, love the ability to wash, scrub, extract, LED, treat, mask, etc, etc, and be done. The results are fantastic!

- Trecy Marr LE. Trinity Esthetics.

Pleased with Purchase

As an aesthetician for over twenty years, I’m always on the lookout for new technologies and new devices to use in my work. I purchased Celluma about two years ago and it has proved to be one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. My initial use of Celluma was for stubborn acne, but I have found that the blue LED is also extremely calming for skin after waxing. The device helps to create a relaxing spa atmosphere for clients and has proved helpful at home for aches, arthritis and overtaxed muscles. On top of all of that, the equipment is light and portable, so it is never cumbersome to use. I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase.

– Urszula, Alexksandra’s European Skin Care, Commack, NY.

Love the Results!

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Celluma LED…I use it all the time! And my clients love the results!

– Karen Payne, Owner & Licensed Esthetician, Kensington Salon & Spa, Tampa, FL.

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Best Esthetics Product

Your light, hands down, is the best esthetics product I have ever purchased!

- Sherri Lynn, L.E. Bartlesville, OK.

Healthy Glow

Shout out to Celluma! I have to try everything on myself to be a believer and before marketing it to my clients. I have not had a sustained luminous glow since winter in NJ started. Even with products, treatments etc. This happens to me every winter because of the cold outdoors and forced hot air indoors. I used my new Celluma panel twice this week and looking in the mirror…there it was – that healthy glow! :), and my moisture/oil balance seemed to be consistent for 24 hrs post use. Looking forward to the long term effects.

- Joy Papaioannou, RN/NCEA cert./Esthetician. Owner of Choose Joy Skin, Matawan of Monmouth County, NJ.

Results are Amazing

My clients love the Celluma! And so do I! The results I have seen in my acne clients is amazing!

– Teresa, Owner, Natural Faces Organic Skincare Treatments, Huntington, NY.


I had the chance to do a trial with the Celluma, and it worked so well for us, I am buying two–one for home, and one for my daughter with severe acne who goes to school out of state (she was home during our trial period, so we tried it on her). My husband used it on a sore knee and insists it feels better; he also used it on some scars on his arm along with Cheryl Lee M.D. TrueLipids Cream (chronic ones that just recently began healing up, not old ones he had had since he was little), and the scars have gotten much better. Not sure if it was the lights or the TrueLipids, but the scars do look better. My mom also tried the Celluma on her hands and shoulders for very bad arthritis and she feels like it really made a difference. My daughter has been on oral medication for severe, scarring acne for a good ten years, and finally decided she didn’t want to keep putting that in to her body. She was only able to try the Celluma a couple of times, but when she did, her face was noticeably better the next day. I really think that if she uses it regularly, it will make a huge difference for her, and it will be easier than getting her to the derm every other week for treatment. I am excited to get these and start using them and see what they can do.

- Mickey J. UT.

Part of my Practice

I purchased Celluma for a number of reasons. First, the affordability, then the versatility. I love how all the light spectrums run in the background on all the applications. I plan on using it mainly for my skin care practice that is largely directed toward oncology clients. I knew I wanted Celluma before I attended the Ft. Lauderdale IECSC show. The bonus that I got, was a company that is super supportive and truly values the relationship and success of the professionals with whom they associate. A company like yours, who is so willing to help make their partners successful and the clients who benefit from the treatments, is hard to come by. In an environment where corporations are acquiring multiple skin care companies, and big business has compromised relationships, it is refreshing to know that BioPhotas is committed to the success of the aesthetic professional. I know Celluma is going to be a huge part of my practice!

– Bea Erdman, Remedies Clinical Skin Care Mgmt LLC, Tampa, FL.

Best Product

This is the best beauty and therapy product I have ever experienced. My Celluma is 3 years old and I use it four times a week for beauty, aches, back problems and pain relief

- Sally P, New York, NY.

Radiant Skin

I received my CELLUMA yesterday!!! It’s nothing short of a miracle!! I was my own first “guinea pig” and today I gave a complimentary service for my long standing good client after I did derma planning also for the first time for her…and, DRUM ROLL PLEASEEEEE…it blew her socks off…to see a 62 year-old fairly good skin look bouncy like a baby’s bum…if I may expand…she had red spots that went away, dark circles looked diminished. I used it on absolutely bare skin after cleaning and DermPlanning. HER SKIN WAS RADIANT like she was in the spot light!! Thanks is an understatement!

– Sunita, Board Certified Aesthetician, Beauty Pros Day Spa, Hyannis, MA.

Clients love Celluma

I freakin’ love my Celluma and so do my clients. I just introduced it and it’s paid for already! I sent out a newsletter on Thurs last week to introduce it and offered an introductory special of a single treatment for $65 (reg. $75) and a series of 6 for $330 (reg. $65) only good for the month of February. Sold 4 pkg’s, a single treatment and an add-on for $35 so far.

- Kellie Spiak Campbell Bacchus LE, Advanced Skin Treatments, Skin Care & Acne Clinic, NY.

Reduces Inflammation

Speeds Healing I specialize in the treatment of acne and I ALWAYS end each treatment with 15 minutes under the Celluma panel. It helps speed healing as well as helping to reduce inflammation after extractions. It has also been indispensable in the clearing of post in-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on the face and body.

– Cyndi Jarvis, LE/Owner at Saving Faces, Concord, NH.

Use Twice Daily

I have used my Celluma twice each day since it arrived. I love using it on my feet as they are always a little sore. I am sure it is arthritis. In addition, it is great on my face. The texture is improving already.

- Sally, Orange County, CA.

Paid for Itself

I love my Celluma – Bella Forza NYC has been so busy since I started using it! It paid itself off in such a short time and my clients come in just for this service!  Thanks!!

- Bella Forza, New York, NY.

Patches Were Gone

I’ve had chronic neck pain for 15 years since someone, carrying me over their shoulder, slipped on ice and dropped me on my head. The result was 3 bulging discs. I used to use pain patches every night. Then, I got my Celluma and after only two treatments the patches were gone!

– Shari Oberst, L.E. Skin & Body Works, Racine, WI.

Favorite Necessities

I LOVE Celluma! One of my favorite necessities to my treatment room! I have been a licensed Esthetician for 9 years and have no idea how I lived without this before! I have clients with acne and Celluma helped rid and smooth out the texture. Clients with aging skin, their skin starts looking firmer & tighter. Many clients call this my “magic light,” because to them it really is magic! I could go on and on about the stories and positive results with this device, but that would be too much to read. Lastly, you can have a good product, but the customer service and support is on par as well (which can be hard to find), every time I call in to ask a question, everyone is so helpful & friendly. I would highly recommend trying a treatment with Celluma or buying the device.

- Elyse Helene L.E. Love Skin Nashville, Nashville, TN.

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