Step 4 - Nutritional Recommendations

Did you know that most supplements and herbs in America are complete junk? It is sad but true. That’s because there’s very little standardization to make sure what’s listed on the outside of the bottle is actually on the inside – and that it’s therapeutically effective.

A helpful video to watch is Stop Wasting your money on ineffective vitamins


Offering an Array of High-Quality Supplements

At LeMay Chiropractic & Wellness we are very selective about the supplements we use, always searching for the best quality with results we can count on. Currently, we utilize around 500 different supplements from over seven different manufacturers.

We carry very little inventory in the office as it is impossible to predict what patients will need, so we typically custom order items for each patient. This is a highly individualized level of care that we provide and although it means substantially more work for our office, we find it to be the best care we can provide our patients.

You may choose to have items mailed directly to you for a nominal shipping fee or we can have them shipped to our office at no charge to you, but you will need to pick up the items once they arrive.
If you hate swallowing pills, love liquid herbs or drinking shakes or you hate taking things more than twice a day, please let us know. Dr. LeMay only wants to recommend things you will do and he will work to customize any supplementation to fit your lifestyle and your budget.

Although we have an incredible arsenal of highly potent herbs and effective nutrients, there is no “magic pill” that restores your health while allowing you to keep eating fast food.

The best results come from patients that are willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes – and don’t assume you know what that is, as they are different for each patient. Some patients need to eat more bacon, some need to eat more quinoa, some need to do intermittent fasting, and some need soft liquid foods.

Dr. LeMay often advises his patients that the closer they are able to follow his lifestyle prescription, the less money they will need to spend on supplementation or labs!

Most supplements will need to be purchased through our office, due to the fact that the vast majority of quality products are only made available through a licensed practitioner and are unable to be purchased directly to the consumer. In the rare situation that an item is available in a store or online and that is a better pricing option for the patient, Dr. LeMay will advise how to get said item.

We typically ask that our patients not use other products during the time that they are working with us so we may closely monitor their supplement use and progress. However, if there is an item that you feel is of benefit to you, please bring that item to your visit, so Dr. LeMay may review the ingredients or use the item for muscle testing.

We recommend you watch How to read a vitamin label video to learn more.


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