These appointments are 45 minutes for a nutrition re-evaluation check-up and the cost is $45. We’ll re-test and take another digital ZYTO scan of your body and do most, if not all, the tests we did on the initial evaluation appointment. The results will direct Dr. LeMay to the next phase of your healing journey.

For chiropractic re-evals it's 25 minutes, the cost is $50 and includes an adjustment.


The Importance of Progress Evaluations

As you are progressing, you can expect your visits to decrease, possibly to bimonthly. You will be re-evaluated every four weeks to determine your progress.

Tracking results is important to make sure improvement is occurring and to monitor progress. ​ When dealing with chronic illness, it can be challenging to notice improvement on a daily basis. That’s why it’s helpful to have a practitioner who has been tracking your results and can see the 30,000-foot view of your health goals and improvements.

Sometimes patients get off track by not following their protocol, so a follow-up visit or a repeat lab or detox protocol might be the solution to get them back on the path to health before a complete derailment and having to start over.

Healing is rarely a linear event

Our Mission is to help you go from symptoms controlling your life to easily adapting to life’s challenges. This means we are going to be a part of your life when you have a setback, when family drama occurs, when work stress or a house move challenges you, when you get food poisoning from traveling abroad or are grieving the loss of an elderly parent. We are here for you.
There’s an old wise saying, “When you give a man (or woman) a fish, they eat for a day. When you teach them to fish, they eat for a lifetime.”

We believe that you were Designed to Be Well and that Good Health Is Within Your Reach!


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