Step 5 - Game Plan

Hope for Healing

There is hope for healing, as long as you’re willing to do the work. Dr. LeMay will provide you with an effective game plan that produces positive changes over time.

Dr. LeMay will outline your treatment plan at your ROF visit and make modifications as needed during follow-up visits based on your progress. He is always very mindful and respectful of costs as most of Functional Medicine is not covered by traditional medical insurance.

Many patients are able to use their HSA/FSA plans by submitting a detailed receipt from us. Others keep receipts for tax purposes or utilize credit cards if needed. Functional Medicine tends to have an upfront cost at the start of care but may result in incredible savings from the restoration of health, productivity, mental health improvement or prevention of chronic lifestyle illnesses.

If a patient has diagnosed medical conditions requiring medication, then co-management with the prescribing physician will occur. We may also refer you to another physician or counselor if additional services are warranted that are outside our scope of practice.

NUTRITION – Visits #1-3

Whether in person or over the phone, typical visits last about 10 to 15 minutes. Cost  is $40 for an in-office visit or a phone visit. We’ll discuss your progress and address any of your concerns. You’ll turn in your food diary and get suggestions that will speed up your progress.

“Homework” will consist of watching videos or reading short handouts. Your implementation will greatly impact the speed of your recovery and achieving your Top 5 health goals.


Typical visits last about 10 to 15 minutes. Dr. LeMay will do a postural check, neuroscope check, motion palpation (checking for ease and range of motion), and palpation for pain findings. He will give you a gentle adjustment and any closing instructions. Fee is $55.00.

At the end of your initial treatment cycle, Dr. LeMay will do a Progress Re-Exam to evaluate what your next phase of care should be. Hopefully, you’re ready for the next step!

Rehabilitative Care Cycle

Once symptoms are under control, you will learn ways to stabilize and retrain muscles and ligaments of the spine to reduce the need for frequent adjustments. Visits will be less frequent, but consistency is the key. Stopping too soon will invite a relapse of your condition.

Supportive Care Cycle

We all experience challenges in our life. Our mission is to help you easily adapt to life’s challenges. Bimonthly or monthly visits allow you to catch problems when they’re small. Now that your body is functioning better, we can explore strategies for improved memory, weight-loss, increased energy, better digestion, improved sleep, and more!

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