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Veggie Rainbow
Scrambled Eggs Supreme

Ain’t got time for (a healthy) breakfast?

Oh, yes you do!


In about 5 minutes you can whip this up and feel good about starting your day…or have it for lunch – or dinner for that matter. Any time is egg-time!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started. Actually, you can use any combo of veggies you like, these are just the ones I had on hand that day. You could add mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes, heck, just about anything goes good with scrambled eggs.


As in most of my recipes, I start with a good amount of bacon grease. SIDE NOTE: best to choose bacon that is UNcured that has no nitrates or nitrites. Yes, it costs more, but it’s much healthier!

Then gather, wash, peel, slice, chop all your ingredients and toss them in the heated pan.


Doesn’t that look pretty?!

Cook veggies until done, about 5 minutes depending on amount, thickness, and if they’ve been defrosted ahead of time!

Meanwhile, beat the eggs. When veggies are cooked add them to the pan and “scramble” everything until the eggs are thoroughly cooked.

You can add the feta cheese before or after the eggs are cooked, or cheddar or whatever cheese you like, or leave it out altogether. That’s the beauty of this recipe…you can literally make it into what ever you have on hand and feel like eating.

Sprinkle with some pink Himalayan sea salt (or Celtic) and pepper and viola’