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More Success Stories

Dr. LeMay Provides Relief

Dr. LeMay has been giving me more relief I’ve ever had in the past 10 years…and he keeps me informed. I cannot understand why all doctors don’t inform their patients why they are doing what they are doing! I recently changed my PCP on that principle. Thank you, Dr. Mark!

Sally E., Accounting Clerk, Citrus Heights, CA

Excellent Customer Service at LeMay Chiropractic & Wellness

I’ve been to several chiropractors and Dr LeMay is at the top for customer service. He and Michelle are able to meet my needs and then some! I highly recommend Dr LeMay for sensible and considerate chiropractic care.

Marcia H., Retired, Carmichael, CA

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Dr. LeMay is the Best!

During my life, I’ve visited many chiropractors, and Dr. LeMay is the best! He is sincere in his effort to evaluate each patients individual needs, and provide them with the highest level of care. His goal is to help his patients achieve and maintain the highest possible level of health. Michelle is wonderful, too.

Suzanne F., Administration, Carmichael, CA

My Lower Back Pain is Gone

My wife found Dr. LeMay and convinced me to see him. For years I experienced occasional bouts of lower back pain that were acutely painful. I had been trying a combination of massage therapy and weight training for several years, which helped some, but still my back would go out. I was looking for another approach .after receiving chiropractic care and rehab. I rarely have trouble with my lower back now. To keep myself motivated to continue the exercises, I just keep it present in my mind that I have a choice between doing the exercises and experiencing sciatic pain. Easy choice.

Scott F., Professor, Carmichael, CA

Dr. LeMay Provides Excellent Instruction and Care

I was able to book my appointment online for a time that was convenient with me. As usual, the care I received was professional and compassionate. Dr. LeMay relieved the pain in my lower back and gave me advice on preventing the problem. He always provides excellent instruction on self-care.

Cynthia W., Nurse, Fair Oaks, CA

I Was a Skeptic

I was very skeptical of chiropractic care – I thought it would be a very expensive revolving door…Dr. LeMay has a lot of integrity. He wants to see you heal and stay that way! Success for him is seeing his patients less, not more!

Amanda P., Residential Care, Rocklin, CA

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Headache Relief

I feel 100% better…I don’t get headaches anymore and am much happier. Dr. LeMay has been especially helpful. My advice: be patient and just know that it will help you if you want it to!

Andy F., Ins. Field Adjuster, Citrus Heights, CA

Chiropractic Eased my Neck and Shoulder Pain

I wanted to address a long-standing problem with neck and shoulder pain that had not responded to previous chiropractic care. I’d just about resigned myself to chronic pain, but decided to give Dr. LeMay a try. I’m pleased to report that after the adjustments and follow-up rehab, the chronic pain cycle was broken. Don’t accept that you have to live with chronic pain!

Gail B., Retired, Fair Oaks, CA

Chiropractic Works

For years I had limited mobility in my neck – now I have a much better range of mobility as well as being pain free. I also realize that Rehab exercises will keep my condition from returning – and that periodic adjustments will help keep my neck and back more stable. I am convinced that Chiropractic works!

Stephanie C., Retain Manager, Sacramento, CA

Chiropractic and Exercise

We all know exercise is good for us, but Dr. LeMay’s REHAB focuses on those muscles that support correct alignment and prevent future injury and pain. I’m actually able to exercise more and have more endurance due to rehab.

Laurel J., Geologist, Fair Oaks, CA

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Chiropractic Encouraged Me to be Proactive About my Health

I had constant pain for several months and needed to do something about it. Once my back pain diminished (with chiropractic care from Dr. LeMay) I wanted to be proactive with Rehab. My sleeping has improved and I am more cognisant of my posture. I encourage others to dedicate time to maintain a healthy back and lifestyle.

Chris M., Project Manger, Fair Oaks, CA

The Aches and Pains are Gone

I first visited Dr. LeMay to take care of my back problem. I rely on my health to run my business, take care of my family and do activities I enjoy. Having Dr. LeMay adjust my back on a regular basis I now have more energy…I don’t feel run down at the end of the day… and the aches and pains are gone.

Ron S., SBRC President, Sacramento, CA

Headaches are Gone

I was suffering from chronic neck and back pain, and had daily headaches that many times resulted in terrible migraine headaches. Since seeing Dr. LeMay, I no longer suffer from migraine headaches.

Tanya H., Office Manager, Fair Oaks, CA

Chiropractic Care Keeps You Healthy

Let’s face it, we are tough on our bodies. We work and play hard. For me, chiropractic care is just one of the important things I do to take good care of myself.

Pam L., Full-time Mother, Orangevale, CA

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The Pain is Gone

Medical doctors told me lower back pain was common… and joint pain was just part of the aging process. Thank God I found you! Now… I am feeling great… by following your treatment plan, diet recommendations and exercise. I seldom have headaches, the pains are gone, I feel stronger and I have more energy than ever.

Rita S., Law Enforcement, Fair Oaks, CA

Chiropractic Helps Eliminate Colic

Dr. LeMay goes the extra mile to find and offer information. I didn’t visit a chiropractor until my first child had a terrible case of colic. We tried everything. Finally, we took the advice of a friend and took him to Dr. LeMay. After his second adjustment, the colic stopped. As soon as we left the office he took the best nap he had ever taken in his short little life.

Cheryl L., Full-time Mother, Fair Oaks, CA

LeMay Chiropractic & Wellness put “Care” back in Healthcare

Dr. LeMay puts the “CARE” back in healthcare. I appreciate that and I recommend Dr. LeMay every chance I get.

Gary R., Pharmacist, Orangevale, CA

Check-up For Your Spine

Not just middle-aged people need to see a chiropractor…going to the chiropractor is like going to the dentist, it’s a check-up for your spine.

Rebekah W., High School Student, Fair Oaks, CA

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Being Healthy is Reflected in More than the Size of Your Body

I always thought a healthy a body was all about size…it is not. I no longer take pills for pain and I never miss doing my exercises everyday. This may sound ‘corny’, but Dr. LeMay is my favorite doctor; mostly because he cares very much for his patients. I will never forget his concern for me at such a difficult, painful time.

Katherine F., Sales Manager, Roseville, CA

LeMay Chiropractic & Wellness Goes the Extra Mile

I would strongly recommend Dr. LeMay to my friends and family. The office is pleasant and QUIET which lends to the professionalism that Dr. LeMay always displays. He is knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for all his patients. If you want to feel better and have been putting off getting some help, CALL Dr. LeMay. You’ll be glad you did!

Cathy P., Early Childhood Educator, Roseville, CA

I Was Skeptical About Chiropractic

I never thought I would be one to go to a Doctor of Chiropractic. However, after many visits to my general practitioner, the pain in the middle of my back and the tingling in my arm would not go away. Medication was prescribed for my discomfort, but the problem always came back. I was very impressed by my first visit to Dr. LeMay’s office. My condition was relieved within two months. It has been over a year and I have not had any recurring symptoms. I would recommend an introductory visit to Dr. LeMay. The cost is very reasonable and the time is well spent.

Janette M., Bank Manager, Roseville, CA

Call our Fair Oaks chiropractic office to begin your journey toward health.

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