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Health and Well-being Resources

Roasted veggiesWelcome to our Resources page!  As a valued patient, we are giving you exclusive access to the information attached below.  We hope that these aids add to increasing your vitality and well-being.

Catalyn vs Centrus handout

Cervial Lymph Nodes Anatomy handout


Dirty 12 and Clean 15 – 2018 EWG

Eustachian Tube Anatomy Handout

Fat is Your Friend not Your Foe

Ketogenic Diet Guide 1 2018

USDA Organic vs Non-GMO Cheat Sheet

Primary Inflammatory Foods


Healthy Sleep Habits – LeMay Chiro and Wellness

Sole': How to Make it & Why Page 1

How to make Sole pg 2

Top 7 Worst Types of Food

Whole Beets vs. Multi-vitamin

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