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Increase Your Stomach Acid for Heartburn Relief

You enjoyed a big meal, but now you’re paying the price. That familiar burning sensation begins to rise into your chest, nearly causing you to double over from the pain.

You’ve talked with your doctor, who has recommended an over the counter heartburn remedy, or maybe even a prescription to help reduce your stomach acid. “Wait before lying down after you eat,” he tells you. Or, “cut back on the spicy foods.”

Still, nothing seems to bring the problem under control.

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More Acid, Not Less

To help you understand why more stomach acid can help relieve heartburn, you need to understand how your body is designed. Our stomachs are intended to be highly acidic, in order to quickly and completely digest our food.

The more acidic your stomach is, the faster food can be broken down, and the more quickly it can continue along its digestive path. By reducing the amount of acid in your stomach, you slow the rate of digestion and cause the food to linger longer in your stomach. Your stomach remains full much longer than intended, causing you discomfort.  It leaves little room for the acid to do its work, and pushes the acid the only place it can go – into your esophagus.

Your undigested food poses another problem. If food is not broken down fully before it enters the intestines, your body can’t absorb nutrients from the food the way it’s supposed to. You end up getting only a fraction of the nutrients you should and end up with gas, bloating and constipation because your body is working harder trying to deal with the undigested food.

By increasing the amount of stomach acid, you help your body break down the food you eat faster. Food doesn’t linger as long in your stomach, leaving plenty of room for the acid to stay where it should, and making it easier for your body to absorb nutrients.

Pain is Not the Only Problem

Heartburn hurts. So do the digestive issues that often accompany heartburn. But what about all those unabsorbed nutrients?

You eat right, but still you have brittle hair and nails. Your skin is dull and flaky. You might suffer from depression, memory loss or anemia. If your body isn’t getting the nutrients it should, it can’t continue to function at it should. You’ve probably never connected your mood swings to your heartburn, have you?

Talk with your doctor about ways to increase your stomach acid. You may need to add acid supplements to your diet for a time to help your acid levels regulate. Once your acid levels are back where they need to be, you should find yourself enjoying your meals a lot more and experiencing many fewer unwanted symptoms.

Together, regular chiropractic care, good nutrition and natural remedies will help restore your good health, without the use of drugs or surgery. Call us to learn how we can help!

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