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Eat to Help Your Allergies

woman with allergyThough an early spring is usually welcome, those who are sensitive to pollens in the air are dreading it. In our area, many people suffer from allergies. Have you ever thought about what the exact cause of your allergies is? It’s certainly not a lack of medication. Why do some get allergies, and others don’t? The answer lies in your immune system.

How We’ll Get Rid of Your Allergies

If your immune system is strong, it can take the stress an allergen like pollen places on your immune system. Surprisingly, it isn’t all just up to your genetics. There is plenty you can do to take control of your allergy problems.

At LeMay Chiropractic & Wellness, we offer an all-natural, custom-tailored approach to allergy care. When you see us to get help with your allergies, there are a few key elements we focus on:

  • Getting proper rest
  • Supplements to boost your immunity
  • The foods to eat that build your immune system

Your First Visit for Allergy Care

Our process is built around discovering the root cause of your allergies. Often, it is related to a nutritional deficiency in your body that you need to increase your immunity. We’ll begin with an initial examination that involves several forms of testing. These include oral screening.

During this procedure, Dr. LeMay will locate areas of inflammation in the body. Then, you’ll take an oral remedy to see if that is what your body is lacking. Most people are shocked to realize that the area of inflammation no longer causes discomfort directly after taking the oral remedy!

After your evaluation, you’ll return for a report of findings and your personalized game plan. Everything we do is designed to get your body functioning properly, which includes having a healthy, robust immune system to fight off the effects of allergens.

Why Antihistamines Are Harmful

When you begin sneezing, your nose is running and your eyes are itchy and watering, you might think that it’s best to reach for a box of antihistamines. This medication is designed to shut off all reactions to histamine in your body. This product, however, congests your liver, which has to detoxify such substances. Additionally, antihistamines can stop your digestion processes and cause a host of other problems.

Perhaps most importantly, they do not get to the source of your problem. That’s where our approach is different.

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