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Are Your Vitamins Synthetic? 

A lot of our patients take a daily multi-vitamin, which is great—if you’re taking the right kind!

The main thing you need to consider when purchasing a multivitamin is whether or not the vitamins are synthetic or made of whole food concentrate. So, what’s the difference?

Synthetic vitamins are made in a lab out of chemicals, whereas vitamins derived from whole food concentrate are actually made of real food and animal products, meaning you’re supplementing your body with actual food instead of manufactured chemicals. Unfortunately, synthetic vitamins make up most of what you’ll find at your big brand stores.

Here’s another way for you to think about it:

Five different components make up Vitamin C, one being ascorbic acid. Synthetic vitamins might contain only ascorbic acid and claim to provide 100% of your recommended daily intake. While the FDA calls it Vitamin C, it contains just one of five parts and is not everything that your body needs.

Bring Your Vitamin Bottle to Your Next Appointment!

Still unsure whether or not you’re taking the best possible vitamins for your body? Bring in your bottle to your next appointment. We’d be happy to take a look for you and make additional recommendations!

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