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3 Things You Need to Know About the "DARK Act"

As someone who cares about your health, we want our patients to stay in the know when it comes to important national issues that could affect you and your family.

Here are a few things you should know about the newly passed “DARK Act.”

1. What is the DARK Act?

The “DARK Act” is a controversial bill regarding the labeling of genetically modified organisms in our food that was recently passed and stands for “Deny Americans the Right to Know Act.” Even though more than 80% of American’s pushed for GMO’s to be noted on our food labels, the vote determined it was not necessary.

2. The Bill Expands the Definition of “Natural”

That’s right—the DARK Act allows for certain foods to now be labeled “natural” even if they include some genetically modified ingredients. Many highly processed foods can now claim to be natural, even if they include artificial and GMO ingredients.

3. Know What You’re Buying

To find out whether or not the food you’re buying is made with GMO’s, you’ll need access to a smartphone with a QR reader. Foods will now have a label on them that you can scan for more information, making it difficult for everyone to find out what exactly they’re purchasing.

If you’re adamant about limiting your GMO intake, consider shopping locally and purchasing produce from your neighborhood farmer’s market when possible.

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