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About LeMay Chiropractic & Wellness

Chiropractor in Fair Oaks, Michelle and I moved to California in August 1990 to do my residency. I took the State Boards and received my license in 1991. Michelle and I liked being close to the West Coast and Tahoe, and Sacramento reminds us of the Midwest.

Here at LeMay Chiropractic & Wellness, we believe that if you give someone a fish, they’ll eat for a day…teach them to fish and they’ll eat for a lifetime. We want our patients to be inter-dependent, where we both win and get what we want towards a common goal.

Identify, Remove, Strengthen

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Relief or wellness care… it’s your choice.

This is the basis for our practice philosophy. We identify the root-cause by various evaluations and tests.  We remove the interference(s) that is preventing your body from functioning optimally. We help to strengthen your body, inside and out, through natural chiropractic care, core-training, and herbal and whole food supplementation.

Being in practice over 25 years, I find that the patients who experience the best results are those who take ownership of their health condition and then follow through with their program. We are here to help, let the LeMay Chiropractic & Wellness team lead you on your journey toward health by offering recommendations for you and your loved ones.

LeMay Chiropractic & Wellness is Unique

These are the 3 Pillars at LeMay Chiropractic & Wellness:

  • Identify: through chiropractic/nutrition evaluations.
  • Remove: via chiropractic adjustments and diet modification.
  • Strengthen: via Pilates training (to hold adjustments longer) and whole food supplements.

Get Started Today!

With over 25 years of managing chiropractic offices, you can always expect that Michelle is warm and welcoming to every person who walks in the door or calls on the phone. Call our Fair Oaks chiropractic office and schedule your appointment with me today.

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